Hello! I'm Irina Kuznetcova, alumnus of the Ohio State University. BOND is a visuospatial game I created as part of my dissertation project. In my dissertation, I was looking into how we can support the development of visuospatial skills in middle school students. The game was the main component of the intervention I conducted in several middle schools. Although for now I tested the game only with middle schoolers, anybody can play it regardless of their age. 

If you have played lots of video games, you might find BOND to be different than usual. This game is inherently collaborative - it takes 2 people to be able to play it, and part of the fun is in the communication. Sometimes Player A has clues to Player's B puzzle, sometimes the other way around, and sometimes both players solve puzzles together. However, one cannot advance without the other!

Below you can find more information about the gameplay, game implementation in the classroom, and technical notes. To download the game, head to the Download page.

required  instruments & materials



Examples of gameplay

notes on implementation



Game structure


Game rules


Creating this game was a challenging task. Without the help of my friends and collegues, BOND could not have become reality.

I want to give special thanks to Nicholas Abbott, the founder of the GigaBison game company, for his invaluable mentorship and contribution. He was a technical consultant for the game and taught me lots of things about coding.

I also want to thank my research team for helping me to brainstorm game design ideas, implement the intervention, and patient playtesting. Shantanu, Logan, Amanda, Ziye, Marvin, and Qiannan - you are the best!

Finally, I want to thank my adviser Dr. Michael Glassman for his patience, wisdom, and believing in me no matter what.